How it works

How we work with creativity in therapy

A typical session may start with a conversation about what is going on in your life and what you would like to change. I will then guide you and help you feel safe in exploring a creative expression. At your own pace, you will explore what can change, heal and develop in your life.

You can freely choose to work in different creative mediums such as paints, collage, craft-making/sculpture, movement, sound and symbols. Dreams can also be a starting point for creative expression and exploration. I will guide you in exploring the past, the present and the future, with focus on the future and on finding the next step towards a better life quality and towards the changes you desire.

Combining verbal and creative exploration of issues at hand facilitates, amongst other, to:

  • uncover and clarify your theme/unconscious life issues
  • uncover and clarify resources, new parts of you
  • show new ways of dealing with/resolving conflicts
  • increase self confidence
  • assert yourself in group settings
  • find a sense of belonging in a community
  • loosen rigid behavioural patterns
  • integrate new behavioural patterns
  • find new creativity if you are stuck in a creative “style”
  • uncover the source of joy in your life, integrate that joy into daily life
  • increase the ability to be present, for others as well as for yourself
  • increase your ability to work with others
  • understand your emotions, why they emerge, how they affect you and how you can change the way they affect you

These are examples of what the creative process can help you with. In addition, the creative process can potentially enhance the communication between the different parts in the brain, and between mind and body, which is needed for balance and well-being.